Changing UE4 Plugin Engine Version & Repackaging

If you have a plugin that's compatible code-wise with your engine version but is built on a different engine version, you can easily update that version. A plugin set to a different engine version, even though it works perfectly in the engine will not package with the rest of the game.

To change the version, open the uplugin file in a text editor or any editor of your choice. Under EngineVersion, in quotes, states the built engine version. Update that field to your desired version.

Repackaging Plugin

Open up your command line and navigate to your Unreal engine's batch files location: UE_<ENGINE_VERSION>\Engine\Built\BatchFiles

Under here, you need to run the RunUAT batch file. You need to specify the target plugin by referencing the drive location of the .uplugin, the target platforms to build on, and the where the repackaged plugin will output to. Once the batch file runs and the plugin is successfully built, replace the old plugin in your project folder with the new one.

Target platforms

TVOS, Android, HoloLens, IOS, Linux, LinuxAArch64, Lumin, Win64, Win32, Mac

Command Script Outline

RunUAT.bat BuildPlugin -plugin="<LOCATION OF .UPLUGIN>" -targetPlatforms=<TARGET PLATFORMS> -package="<REPACKAGED LOCATION>"

Example Command Script

D:\Programs\UE_4.23\Engine\Build\BatchFiles>RunUAT.bat BuildPlugin -plugin="D:/Folders/SDGM/OceanPlugin/OceanPlugin.uplugin" -targetPlatforms=Win32+Win64 -package="D:/Folders/SDGM/OceanPlugin_New"