Adding scripting

So far I've added a lot of scripting to the level. For the inspectable objects, I created a system that allows for individual objects to just modify the UI. One of the things I haven't done before was reversing audio, which I accomplished through the pitch attribute of the audio source

radio.pitch = playSpeed;
if (playSpeed < 0){
          radio.time = radio.clip.length;

After inspecting the first object, I wanted to have an effect to signify the start of an event. I accomplished this through the post-processing component attached to the camera.

*Edit grain settings after door opens*/
                GrainModel.Settings GRAINSettings = editProf.grain.settings;
                GRAINSettings.intensity = 1;
                GRAINSettings.size = 1;

                /*Edit Chromatic Aberration settings after door opens*/
                ChromaticAberrationModel.Settings CASettings = editProf.chromaticAberration.settings;
                CASettings.intensity = 1;

                editProf.grain.settings = GRAINSettings; //apply grain settings to Post-Processing Profile
                editProf.chromaticAberration.settings = CASettings; //apply Chromatic Aberration settings to Post-Processing Profile